We want to improve the health and well being of all our population, throughout their life journey, from before conception to after death. 

This project, combined with our experiences of rapid change and service development during the COVID-19 pandemic, have helped us realise that we have a unique opportunity to adapt to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of our population - both now and for future generations.

Our vision is for our health, social care and voluntary services to provide outstanding care for all of our people within north and mid Hampshire:

  • All health and social care services will work together to deliver the best care for our people
  • People will have easy, timely access to the help and support they need
  • Services will be designed to flexibly meet the needs of a range of people
  • Services will be sustainable, efficient and high quality; with a focus on delivering the best clinical outcomes possible
  • We will work together to avoid people becoming ill in the first place; either by preventing disease or preventing existing conditions deteriorating
  • Where practical care will be provided in people’s homes or as close to them as possible
  • We will enable people to achieve their health goals by providing access to information, support and diagnostic services
  • Where necessary, services will be consolidated to ensure the best possible care and outcomes
  • We will provide value for money; reducing duplication and inefficiency
  • We will ensure our healthcare facilities are accessible, fit for purpose and improve a sense of wellbeing for those using them and working there
  • Our services will attract the best staff, being renowned for high quality, innovation, research and training support

We will ensure that our people have continuity between their primary care, community and mental health teams; supported by quick access to specialists when this is required. Our specialists and primary care teams will work closer together, to improve the care we can provide, often with linked specialist and GP networks. 

We will use digital advances in communication so that consultations within the primary care setting or with specialist services will only require travel when absolutely necessary. We will maximise the use of innovation and technology to bring care as close to home as possible, reduce repetition and duplication and proactively manage people’s care. This will allow many of our services to be available seven days a week.

When people need care in a hospital setting, we will ensure this is delivered in state of the art buildings, designed for modern health care, with facilities to diagnose and treat their condition rapidly. These facilities will have the option to adapt to changing pressures and that protect people from infections. Working together we will ensure that when our people no longer need acute hospital care, they can leave hospital and receive on-going care at or near to their homes, straight away. Only people who need to be cared for in a hospital will be there.

With your help and guidance, we know we can design these services and buildings to deliver the outstanding care you and your families deserve now and in the future.