26 May 2023

The Hampshire Together programme has provided an update following government announcement. 

Alex Whitfield, Chief Executive of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Maggie MacIsaac, Chief Executive of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight NHS Integrated Commissioning Board said:
“Following the government’s announcement earlier today on plans and funding (Five major hospitals to be rebuilt as part of over £20 billion new hospital infrastructure investment - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)) for the national New Hospital Programme, we are delighted that a new hospital for Hampshire continues to be supported nationally. 
“We welcome the continued commitment to, and vital investment in, a new hospital for our region, and what this means for patients in North and Mid Hampshire. A new hospital will be fantastic for our patients, who will benefit from modern hospital design making use of the latest technology, digital innovation, and sustainability to improve their experience. It will also be a great morale boost for our hard-working staff who deserve to work in a bright, modern environment that is fit-for-purpose and supports them to provide excellent care. 
“It is important to recognise though, this is about more than new buildings. A new hospital for Hampshire is an opportunity for us to work locally, regionally, and nationally with our partners to truly transform the way NHS care is delivered, in and out of hospital. We know our new hospital will also bring other fantastic social and economic benefits to Hampshire.
“Working in partnership with colleagues at NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care and the national New Hospital Programme, an enormous amount of work has already been done to plan for a new hospital. As our work continues, there will be plenty of opportunities for patients, carers, and our local communities to have their say and to contribute to the detail of our plans.”