Friday 26 November 2021

healthcare-campus-1.jpgThe Hampshire Together: Modernising our Hospitals and Health Services (MoHHS) programme hosted an event to discuss the future Hampshire Healthcare Campus centred around planetary health. 

The vision for the future Hampshire Healthcare Campus is a centre that will bring together vibrant cross-sector collaborators that are co‑located physically, and connected globally, focussing on research, innovation and implementation.

Speakers and stakeholders from a wide range of backgrounds were welcomed to discuss the collective ambitions for the future Hampshire Healthcare Campus, which constitutes one of the key programme’s workstreams.

An article published on The Lancet (Horton and Lo, 2015) refers to planetary health as "achievement of the highest attainable standard of health, wellbeing, and equity worldwide through judicious attention to the human systems – political, economic, and social – that shape the future of humanity and the Earth's natural systems that define the safe environmental limits within which humanity can flourish” .

Almost 40 representatives from partners organisations attended the event, including local authorities and high education sector. Feedback received was very positive and those who took part share excitement about the project



Horton, R. and Lo, S. (2015). ‘Planetary health: a new science for exceptional action’, The Lancet, 386 (10007), pp.1921-1922. Available at: