Hampshire Together presents a phenomenal opportunity for the people of north and mid Hampshire - and there are three clear areas of benefit.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join up the health and care system in our area.

We have been striving for more joined up services for a number of years, and a project of this magnitude gives us a real opportunity to bring mental health and physical health care closer together.

We can also ensure that we connect GPs and hospital doctors using digital technology, as well as incorporating the voluntary and the social care sectors into our design principles from the beginning.  

The investment in new buildings is an opportunity to bring the latest in healthcare design and thinking to Hampshire. 

Hospital design has progressed significantly in the last 50 years, and new buildings bring in all the benefits of natural light, ergonomic designs and a healing environment.

This combined with digital advances will ensure that our public receive outstanding care.

A building programme like this provides jobs and attracts further investment to our area. In addition, the new build will attract more high-quality healthcare staff to come and work in our hospitals.  

Our aspiration is to make the new build a centre of excellence for training the next generation, and for research and innovation. This will attract innovators and entrepreneurs, especially in the medical technology sector, in line with the Local Enterprise Partnership’s strategy. 

This is much more than just a hospital – it is an investment in the people of north and mid Hampshire.